#15 Lunch Break


I’ve found another use of my lunch hour, getting out and flying! Now that it’s dark by the time I’m off work, I need to find alternate times to fly. The weekends are nice if I’m not busy, but then the weather has to cooperate as well, so it’s tricky. On this outing, I finally got to test the full potential of my upgrades, which has restored my confidence in the integrity of the plane. I can definitely do loops and rolls without fear of the wings collapsing, and the plane going into a free-fall. (warning: there’s sound this time. see youtube desc for more info)

Since this flight, I’ve made improvements:

  • added cardboard to the rudder to cause more drag for increased yaw.
  • took time to find the center of gravity, because it felt very nose heavy, and should now cruise along a lot better.
  • peeled off most the factory stickers, which only get in the way and mess with the aerodynamics (slightly)
  • turned the prop around to give optimal thrust. I was using an adapter to keep it snug and secure before, but I think it will work OK with the change.

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