#59 Biking in Chicago


Finally got around to uploading some footage from May. It’s a time-lapse!

(go to full site for handy timeline skip links in the info bar)

I positioned the camera on the handlebars, turned out a little shaky back and forth. That was to be expected, but YouTube’s optimization feature smooths it out nicely (aside from the trippy sky qualities and distorted mile captions I added).

It’s a 1979 Chimo Camerra, passed down from Mom. She has a nice comfortable leisure bike now. I was curious about the specs, could only find a newspaper clipping from the Winnipeg Free Press:



In case you were interested, pretty nice bargain considering I just bought a new $1000 bike the other day, so future videos will be riding my new baby.

2013-07-06 00_45_08-The Inflation Calculator


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