#15 Lunch Break


I’ve found another use of my lunch hour, getting out and flying! Now that it’s dark by the time I’m off work, I need to find alternate times to fly. The weekends are nice if I’m not busy, but then the weather has to cooperate as well, so it’s tricky. On this outing, I finally got to test the full potential of my upgrades, which has restored my confidence in the integrity of the plane. I can definitely do loops and rolls without fear of the wings collapsing, and the plane going into a¬†free-fall. (warning: there’s sound this time. see youtube desc for more info)

Since this flight, I’ve made improvements:

  • added cardboard to the rudder to cause more drag for increased yaw.
  • took time to find the center of gravity, because it felt very nose heavy, and should now cruise along a lot better.
  • peeled off most the factory stickers, which only get in the way and mess with the aerodynamics (slightly)
  • turned the prop around to give optimal thrust. I was using an adapter to keep it snug and secure before, but I think it will work OK with the change.

#13 Do A Barrel Roll!


…and then pull up! pull up! [11 seconds]

So, my plane isn’t meant for aerobatics. But lets try doing another roll…

The wing spar snapped and caused a 200 ft free fall. What a sad looking Bixler. But wait! I just received new parts! (motor, ESC, prop, servos, wing spar, full spread really) To the impromptu workbench/kitchen counter…


Many hours of soldering and “wingin it”, and im finally ready to get back in the sky. Brought it with me to Madison to fly on Sunday, but only had it up for a couple minutes before landing a bit too hard twice (loose aileron servo, unfamiliar terrain), resulting in a re-broken nose/fuselage. It was a quick fix with hot glue, but now I need to wait for better weather and daylight!