#67 Chicago: Year in Review

Other BS, Tweets

First of my year-long engagement

Initial observations

We like to have fun here…

Riding the brown line all over

One and only trip to Aldi

Later on, I would wonder what I thought months before, it never changed

Just kidding, but if I was in charge…

So smooth with the ladies

A beer arcade, home to all the 20 somethings

Making up games at my desk to pass the time

Bathroom politics

Quickly becoming the “favorite intern”

Living Social event, we were all n00bs that day

Owning a dog in the city seems like more of a chore than a joy

Really great food, steps from my apartment

Everyday innovation

Finally listened to my dentist this year

Seafood is low on my list, but willing to give it a try

Hipster cafe delivers the goods

Spring bike ride to the beach

Live tweeting our first trip of the year out east

The good ol days when I played table tennis daily

Sometimes my coworkers are idiots

Did I mention the food here is SO FREAKING AWESOME?!

More tragic dental related tweets

Willis Tower: go for the great view, stay for the lolz

Seriously, a workhorse.

This must have been a sunny saturday, walking to the beach

July 2nd, the beginning of a beautiful relationship

I challenge you to find something as versatile and comfortable for carrying the important things in life

True story. A proud moment.

An extended weekend trip to Toronto

Only the best food booths at Taste of Chicago

I started Keto/Atkins the week before… those first few breakfasts were decadent

Concert at Ravinia Park, where 90% of crowd doesn’t even see the band, instead sit on blankets for some major drinking and snacking

Maybe the farthest south I ever ventured

Some nearby guys were making fun of ppl taking pics so I pretended to text

Another Keto phase, where I felt I needed bacon every morning. I regret nothing.

I paid something like $90 to stand around in the mud

On my way to Florida for work. C’mon man!

Arrived in Orlando, ruminating as we wait over an hour for a car rental

I’ve become quite good at entertaining myself

Nice view, I never get to fly in this way!

At the tail peak of summer

Not sure what this kind of gimmick accomplishes

More work travel…to Florida…in August.

*drool* dat plantain…

Starting the football season with alumni band!

Classic Dave Dinner

PGA Tournament right across the street from work, caught a glimpse at lunch

Really great sunset. Right before wandering back thru the wrong neighborhood. Dumb.

Got a chance to watch a game with free tix

This place only seats reservations, we made one a couple hours before

Thoughts during our second trip out East, this time thru Boston

One week later, adventuring in Tucson

That time I decided to get up at 6am on a weekend in November…it wasn’t warm


Getting so old. On the bright side, didn’t get blind drunk this year!

Started watching Twin Peaks over Christmas, great show!

Getting together to watch the Packers beat the Bears

Round 2 of homemade cookies. Different dept, still the favorite.

Been browsing Tinder…not going so well

Dem honeys trippin over me, bugg’n cuz its my last weekend in town, I had the place rollin off the heasy

Unfortunate casualty of the packing process

And just like that…a chapter in the books. Many more to come!


#34 It’s A Study Table, Mom.

Other BS

I tripped over some old stuff this evening, on a nostalgia kick.

Yeah, I was unemployed that summer. But man, 2009… I was on point. An excerpt from the old blog:


I had posted this as well, still makes me laugh (sorry, can’t get it to embed): http://www.collegehumor.com/video/3721969/halloween-deleted-scenes